Love and Unity Church Outreach Ministries, Inc

Love and Unity Church Outreach Ministries
3629 Atlantic Ave 
Long Beach, CA 90807

Our Mission

To meet the total need of man,  body spirit, and soul. It is our purpose to feed and care for as many who are disadvantage through clothing and providing shoes to those in need in the LA and LA County areas.  All while bringing spiritual support and love through giving. 

We Partnered with the "Fred Jordan Mission" We love Supporting

Since 2013 we have been able to connect and gain support from communities county wide. Many from the "Entertainment Industry" have been amazing. 

Our Director Jane Gray has the vision she and her team are ready to serve the community in what ever compacity needed to make sure families have food, clothing, and are safe. 

Missionary Jane Gray

Love and Unity Long Beach, CA at the "Fred Jordan Mission"  


Missionary Jane Gray one of the Volunteer Director's at the Mission

Love and Unity Church Outreach Ministries, Inc.  Church was formed in 2011 out of the need for an Affirming, The word gf God within the context of Community Devleopment. Love and Unity Church strives to be a place that welcomes and affirms all people, regardless of a person's age, race, nationality, gender, social or economic position, education, health status, ability or disability, nor your upbringing, faith / church experience.

We welcome those who are seasoned in faith, new to the faith, in-between or searching for what God has for them. Love and Unity Church is a congregation that crosses every one of these areas in people's lives. Our goal as a congregation is to be a place of connectivity - where you can become connected to God and connected to a loving and supportive community of faith. 

Love and Unity Church is definitely not your ordinary church! Every time we meet together God does extraordinary things. Nothing about our services is boring or monotonous. It isn’t uncommon for people to experience miracles of healing, deliverance, restoration and renewal. Love and Unity is a church that is led by the Spirit of God and not by programs and religious traditions. From our liberating worship that frees people to move into the presence of God to our engaging, relevant preaching that transforms lives – Love and Unity Church is truly an exceptional place.


Bishop and First Lady Deborah Johnson and the people of God

Outreaching in "Long Beach California"


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